Day: October 19, 2019

Grandma’s Attic-#Blue #31

Grandma’s Attic is one of our newest vendors at the Fantastic Fleamarket They carry a wide variety of products. They are: Embroidered Dolls Embroidered/Stuffed Animals Pillows Canvass Bags Aprons Crystal Glass Porcelain Figurines Used DVD Oven Mitts Womens Hand Bags Please visit Grandma’s Attic at booth # blue 30 at the Fantastic Fleamarket WE ARE […]

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Blades 4 You-Blue #110

Blades 4 You is the newest vendor at the Fantastic Fleamarket. If you are looking for toy guns, BB guns, Air Guns, knives and ceremonial swords then please visit Blades 4 You. 1) Toy guns 2) BB guns 3) Air guns 4) Collectable Knives 5) Collectables Swords 6) Miscellaneous items WE ARE ONE OF THE […]

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