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The #1 Marketing Team for the Best Fleamarket in the GTA
    Stephen Whyte

    Project Management Lead from Page Marketing for The Fantastic Fleamarket

    Stephen Whyte
    Digital Marketing Consultant
    Maria Woods

    Our Best and Brightest Web Designer

    Maria Woods
    Web Designer
    Booby Stone

    Our Top Expert on generating traffic for retail stores

    Booby Stone
    SEO Consultant
    Anna Neaga

    Our Top Expert on writing Ads, Articles & Promotions

    Anna Neaga
    Content/Inbound Marketing Specialist
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We are Connected to Facebook.com

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We use Digital Displays to Highlight Current and New Products

Snack Bar and Beverages

We have a Snack Bar that offers Great Food and Drinks

Space Available for Expansion

We Have Space For New Vendors at the Fantastic Fleamarket

We are Always Here For You

We are an Amazing and Responsive Company

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With over 511 Post Since August 2017 we have Pictures of every Vendor