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Your Dedicated Real Estate Agent In Mississauga

Buying or selling property can be a daunting challenge. It requires just the right amount of exposure and expertise. Since the Regional GTA and locaL market is fast changing there is a need to employ the services of a professional real estate agent. It goes without saying that there are various factors that come into play such as the use of up to date technology in marketing property for sale. For example e-mail use is in decline due to the adoption of social media communication tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the marketplace.

Home life/Superstars Real Estate Limited offers among the best services in the industry and they have ranked in the top three firms in sales over the last 10 years.  An outline of the services offered by the company is proof of the company’s intent to provide the best Real Estate Agent services not just in Mississauga, but in the GTA. The company offers various services to both buyers and sellers of property.

The Fantastic Flea Market located at 1250 South Service Road in Mississauga at the lower level of the Dixie Outlet Mall is the newest location for one of Home life/Superstars Real Estate Limited top agents. Frank Lanzillotta is a real estate agent with over 25 years of experience in helping clients to buy and sell residential, commercial and industrial properties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

In case you are selling your residential property, Frank Lanzillotta will get information such as its market value; preparation of schedules and adverts as well as designing a detailed marketing plan. In addition he will also assist in negotiations concerning all offers and counter offers made, and will be available to show your home to interested clients while providing advice on how to enhance the home sales appeal. Moreover, all potential buyers are screened and prequalified before a contract is sealed.

Buyers on the other hand also stand to benefit from the services that the Frank Lanzillotta offers. These include helping first time home buyers select an affordable property and obtain adequate financing. Frank has extensive experience in assisting homeowners to expand their present accommodations and helping other to relocate due to a change in their family status (empty nesters, divorce, loss of a spouse etc.)


Frank Lanzillotta has a solid reputation and track record in conducting buyer interviews and ensuring that you get approved for the lowest mortgage rates in the market. This is in an effort to getting the best home in one’s price range.


The commercial real estate agent provides exposure to any individual or business intending to sell their property through hundreds of local websites.

 Their approach is specific to each project as they have adopted a custom designed promotion technique. This enhances marketability by using techniques such as creating individual web pages for each client where photos of one’s property are uploaded and emails sent to potential clients. This also includes a detailed marketing plan with free home evaluation services.

After analysis of client needs in the sector, Frank provides clients with information on taxation issues, estate valuation and utility costs involved. He is also able to provide through Home life/Superstars Real Estate Limited specialists in Real Property Law and mortgage financing to help home buyers and sellers obtain the best professional advice in such matters.

Frank Lanzillotta has a belief and philosophy of providing a one stop full service professional real estate service for clients. He is available to provide client’s real estate needs round the clock. All efforts are made towards providing assistance in completing a sale or purchase He also feels that real estate agents should help homeowners after they purchase their property to  maintain it, renovate it and expand it through articles and newsletters in the industry.                                        

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